Ivan Barbalic, Bosnian Ambassador to United Nations

On March 26, 2009, Ivan Barbalic, a former UB student (1997), returned to visit as the Ambassador to the United Nations from Bosnia-Herzegovina (B&H). He met with students and faculty of the international college, and spoke in a meeting room of the newly renovated library.

Mr. Barbalic spoke about what it was like to be a permanent representative to the United Nations and about important issues he saw facing the world. He was being assigned a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council and spoke about decisions that body will have to make. He also spoke about his efforts to reach out to other UN ambassadors.

Barbalic was born in Sarajevo 1975. After studying economics at Bridgeport, he did his Masters degree (2001) at the University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna with his thesis titled “The Role of Elite in Disintegration of the Former Yugoslavia.” Mr. Barbalic also attended a postgraduate course at the University of Bologna in “Governance and Politics of European Integration” in 2002.

In 2005, Mr. Barbalic became a lecturer at Noel Baker Center for Business and Management Studies, a licensed British Business School in B&H . He was a member of the Research Team on the Early Warning System, a UNDP program in B&H, and also a member of the B&H negotiation team for Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU.

In 2007, Mr. Barbalic was PR and Marketing Consultant at the Method Ltd. agency.  From 2003 – 2008, he was the President of the Association Alumni of the Center of the Interdisciplinary and Postgraduate Studies (APICS).

Mr. Barbalic posing with graduate students

From 2006 to present, Mr. Barbalic has served as the Vice-President of the European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina NGO.

Mr. Barbalic has published numerous articles in B&H and has participated in many conferences such as “Youth Leadership Study Visit” in Washington D.C., UKSEE Forum – British Council in United Kingdom, European Union Visitation Program in Brussels and Study Exchange Trip in France, to name the few.

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